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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Latest and Greatest

Wow! Our daughter has become a person. Just look at how expressive her face is. A few short weeks back, I thought of Noelle strictly as a baby, which is something wholly apart and different from a person. I imagine those of you who have been through this whole parenting experience know what I'm talking about.

It's quite astonishing to watch. Now that Noelle has started with the communicative facial expressions, it's so much easier to envision verbal communcation. For now, though, I'm still stuck using facial expressions to try and get her to change her own diaper.

From top to bottom: (1) Noelle and Ooja helping me and Jen rake leaves last Sunday. (The two of them were equally helpful.) (2) Noelle and Daddy before I left to teach class Tuesday. (3) Noelle signals touchdown. (4) "I'm just so darn cute!"


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