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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Twosome Again, Albeit Briefly

Jen and I had two nights out this week. Thursday night we went to Hancher to see a recently-restored version of the original 1925 silent Phantom of the Opera accompanied by the Alloy Orchestra. Fantastic. I thought I'd be asleep 30 seconds after the lights went down, but even two weeks of sleep deprivation couldn't keep us from enjoying it.

And tonight we went out to Atlas for dinner. Jen was mightily excited to be able to eat the seared tuna crisps. Nine months without wine and rare fish. I'm pretty certain she's the only one in the Tucker/Burnell families who would consider that a hardship.

Noe also made her first trip to the farmers' market this morning where we ran into the Gilchrist clan. Noe's playmate-to-be, Ada, has grown quite a bit. Jen was amazed how different she looks from just a few weeks ago at Kerry Egan's send-off. But of course, Ada's 50% older now than she was then.

Two photos from today.


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