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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Solid Food, Round 2

Noe seemed to be tiring of rice cereal, and both her doctor and the owner's manual (the American Academy of Pediatricians book that the hospital gave us) said it was time to move on.

We started with the orange veggies--carrots, sweet potatoes, squash--as the pediatrician recommended. Apparently, the idea is to get them used to the nasty stuff before hooking them on the much more delicious bananas and berries.

Has anybody tasted this stuff? Jen had one dab of the squash and proclaimed it so vile that we weren't even going to try to get Noe to eat it a second time.

But she seems to have taken to the sweet potatoes and carrots--of course, a pinch of sugar and cinnamon added to the mix didn't hurt--and even the peas and green beans are mostly finding their way to Noe's stomach.

Still, she was looking quite longingly at the jambalaya we had the other night.


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